Live uploading from the GoPro Lifecam

1 minute read 23 January 2013

If you’ll remember from previous posts my wishlist was to upload thumbnails(which should be available in metadata) instead of full images, do that in descending order from time shot so that if we have an internet outage we don’t get behind, and probably do that in batches so we only use the wifi for some small amount of time out of lets say an hour.

Over Christmas break Zach Giles brought down his Flu Card we’ve been wanting to play with. We were hoping this little Eye-Fi clone, running linux, would allow us to make smarter upload decisions allowing us to do live uploads from the GoPro.

What we were able to do was exactly that and more—Check out Zach’s first post to see what and how we did.

Now the bad news. The Flu Card doesn’t start the linux partition properly on the Go Pro 3 when in timelapse mode. Single shot seems to work ok, but thats not what our current technology is using. Timelapse works fine on the Hero2, but we get less than half battery life there and were expecting probably a 50% reduction in battery due to wireless meaning the only feasible place to do this is on the Hero3.

More to be done.. Keep posted.