Makerbot's "big announcement" due next week

1 minute read 06 January 2012

Makerbot announced on their twitter account this past tuesday that there was a 'big announcement' coming at CES next week. It floated the hash tag #makerbotpredictions to spur discussion of what that might be during the leadup. Some on Twitter have postulated a whole new printer while others the announcement of a new 3d scanner. For my part I don't think Makerbot is going to diversify into something like 3d scanning at the moment. The VC money they received means they will be focusing intently on scaling production and getting more Makerbots in more people's hands. I also don't think they can announce a whole new printer yet. Makerbot has probably a couple thousand existing orders that they can't ship through January or so at least. Those customers could easily cancel orders if some really big news was announced. My prediction is another rev to the existing Makerbot design. I believe they see their main printer line as hardware in beta, constantly being upgraded. The obvious suspects will be an integrated interface kit, dual extruders, and or maybe a change to the underperforming automated build platform. Hold me to my words though, as we've only got a few days to wait!