New GoPro, case design and website!

1 minute read 08 December 2012

We picked up the Hero3 to test with our current mods. Our understanding is this is basically the Hero2 in new packaging, though about half as deep and with an advertised battery life claim of something like 8 hours! We put it to the test with our boards one photo a minute, and got 28 hours of battery life! For reference I was getting ~18 hours on the Hero1 at one photo a minute. The only downfall of the new design is it uses a microsd card, which stops us from using the eyefi which is currently only sold in an SD format. A bunch of googling brought me to the KZ-B19-065, an SD to MicroSD converter which I found for sale on ebay. Sadly, the Gopro either doesn't love the added resistance of the traces, or it just doesnt settle into the slot the same as a typical SD card. Ive had it work for hours at a time and I've also had it crap out after one photo.

The new camera allowed Colin to take another crack at the design and put more than an hour into it this time. He also sourced some lanyard material and quick clasps so we have some nice custom lanyards! The result is gorgeous and Ive already gotten several compliments on it.

Finally Zach did a bunch of work and we now have a gallery site built! As usual were sharing the code on github. We bought the domain (big ups to We Live In Public) and Zach is kindly hosting Colin's photos (at and my photos (at, as well as his own experiments in lifelogging (at