Parallax IDE for Chrome

0 minute read 01 May 2015

Im excited to announce that Iced Dev and myself shipped a product I've been consulting on over the past few months, the Parallax IDE for Chrome. This allows teachers in schools around the world to continue their Parallax Basic Stamp curriculim in a world of Chromebooks.

Parallax has a history of open source all the way down to their silicon so it was a no brainer to work on this project with them and release it all on their github.

For my part I was able to make some upstream fixes to serial apis and develop a pure js basic stamp bootloader allowing Basic Stamp programming from both node and the browser. I also got to play with emscripten to package their C 'compiler' for an end to end browser experience. I'm really proud of the Iced Dev team and Parallax so check it out in the app store now.